[ENG] Godmorgon: Spooky Ride – Devlog 1

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Contrary to my other articles, when writing about Godmorgon: Spooky Ride, I will no longer speak to you as a Minstery (and therefore with my personal opinion), but on behalf of the project team – which you will discover in this post. So, in this new but also very first devlog, we are happy to present our new project (whose name is still temporary): Godmorgon: Spooky Ride!

Title name: the project

Title name: Pitch

Godmorgon: Spooky Ride is a 3D deck-building and roguelike game with an isometric view, in which you are immersed in the disturbing world of a haunted attraction full of animatronics. You embody Helga, a young child trying to get out of this place, while avoiding the traps of the « Ringmaster« , the mysterious manager of the attraction who has fun manhandling the slightly too brave visitors venturing into his territory.

With the help of cards, explore this frightening labyrinth and try to find the way out. Attack monsters, cast spells, move from one end of the attraction to the other, and use all the other resources at your disposal thanks to the cards to triumph over this ordeal. But be careful not to get caught by the Ringmaster, or you could get trapped in the attraction and be overwhelmed by the madness of its manager.

Title name: More information

Godmorgon: Spooky Ride, whose original name was simply « Godmorgon », until the team noticed that it was a collection of Ikea furniture (which, we admit, is pretty)., will be available on Windows in the coming months!
A first version will be launched on Steam, with a few maps created and carefully tested by your dedicated Game Designers Thomas and Julien. Then a few additions will be made via updates, which you will discover very soon in a future article!

Title name: Creation

Just like Sweet Bakery, this project is a « Diamond Project« . This is the name given to the projects of the Institute of Internet and Multimedia, ‘s video game students, being in Master 1. In 2019-2020, 7 games were created by different teams. And for the year 2020-2021, two new projects has been launched, and only two Diamond Projects have been selected to continue. And Godmorgon: Spooky Ride is part of the latter.

This is how the project continues, with a new direction (especially artistic), but also with a new team! As for the changes brought by the relaunch of the project, we look forward to seeing you next week for a dedicated devlog on the subject. And as for the team, here it is!

Title name: New team

The majority of the team that worked on the pre-production of the game (in 2019-2020) is still present: Quentin (the Producer), Julien and Thomas (the Game Designers) and Paul and Jean (the Programmers). To this great team have been added three full-time members: Alan (Marketing Director), Paul (Lead Artist) and Manon (Live Producer).

Team member's photos
Godmorgon: Spooky Ride‘s new team!

As you can see in the picture above, Paul will be our only full-time artist. We will have, depending on the weeks and the needs of the project, other « Jockers » artists working in turn, and according to their specialities, on the different projects of our promotion.

We also have a « Project Owner » and a « Creative Owner » (respectively Quentin and Thomas), to ensure the right direction of the game, as well as decisions related to the project and its creative vision. They are also the two representatives of the group to our speakers, but this does not change anything for you as this is the school side of the project!

Title name: Next months

As you may have understood, the next few months will be busy with news and work, and the team is looking forward to see you with the game in your hands!
As you may have read above, we plan to release the game pretty quickly in a first version that we will supply with a few updates during the semester (so until January). The production has just started, we will detail all this in a future devlog!

And speaking of devlog, we look forward to seeing you at our second one next week! We’ll show you an overview of our first weeks of work and our first steps forward!

Until then, fasten your seatbelts, keep your arms in your wagon, and don’t try to get out of the attraction on the way… !

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