[ENG]Godmorgon: Spooky Ride – Playtests !!

FRENCH-SPEAKING FRIENDS: Cliquez ici pour lire lA version française !

Hello everyone! No devlog today, but an important announcement that we couldn’t wait to share with you: the Godmorgon: Spooky Ride team is officially launching playtest sessions! Are you interested? Find out how to sign up in this article!

What are playtests used for?

Playtests, or testing sessions, are one of the most common ways used to test games. They involve players with different profiles in order to raise issues that the team wishes to validate, refute or identify, as well as bugs. They also help the developers to check if the game’s intentions really work in « real conditions ». This allows the tests to be performed out of the team’s environment and its biased vision (due to lack of hindsight) of the project, and to improve it even more!

It is important to specify that in a testing session, it is the game that is being tested, not the player and their performance.

How to sign up?

Which profiles are we looking for?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Anyone can sign up for the playtests! When you register, you will fill in a form to give us some information, including the games you play. Game Designers will then select different profiles (people with a very good knowledge of deck-building games, « casual » players, etc.) to be able to observe their test.

If we wish to test the game on multiple profiles, there are nevertheless some small pre-requisites to validate:

  • To be able to understand basic written English (to be able to understand the cards you are going to play – but if you are reading this article, it won’t be a problem for you!)
  • Have a PC running on Windows,
  • Have a Discord account (you will have to join our server, and open private messages to the person in charge of your playtest),
  • Have access to an internet connection for the duration of the test, to share your screen with the person in charge of your session.
  • To have one hour free, the time that it takes to complete the test.

When and where will the playtests take place?

Due to the current health situation, all playtests will take place on Godmorgon’s Discord: Spooky Ride server, which you can join now, even if you don’t want to take part in the playtests!

As for the playtest dates, they will take place from November, Thursday 12th 2020 to November, Sunday 15th 2020 (included!). Different one-hour slots are proposed in the registration form. You will have to select those for which you are available, and a team member will contact you on discord if you are selected!

Where to sign up?

Nothing could be simpler! Just click on this link and fill in the registration form, then send it to us so that we can receive it.

If you are selected to participate in our playtests, you will be contacted directly via Discord by one of the team members. Please remember to fill in the right nickname, and to open your private messages so that we can contact you! Answers will arrive at the beginning of next week.

Until then, fasten your seatbelts, keep your arms in your wagon, and don’t try to get out of the attraction on the way… !

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